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VIRETO is the creator of POW-WOW, the first software solution enabling the design of “augmented PDFs”.
POW-WOW is an innovative, simple and industrial solution for transforming traditional static PDFs into personalized, dynamic, interactive, multimedia and communicative documents.

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A Flexible solution

POW-WOW's object-oriented model makes it a flexible solution that allows you to easily update your documents' relational content while capitalizing on existing assembly rules.

An efficient solution

The robustness and performance of the engine make it an asset in high-volume contexts and allow substantial savings in hardware and processing time.

A Non-intrusive solution

POW-WOW is designed to be integrated seamlessly in any environment. It allows you to capitalize on your existing applications while converting your documents into relational spaces whatever system they come from.

Multichannel approach

An "augmented PDF" document is usable on any modern system, including virtually all current desktop and mobile platforms. It is also printable, and the base document can be displayed seamlessly whatever the scenario for an always-optimal user experience.

POW-WOW from Vireto offers at long last a real solution to add value to electronic documents and to boost their adoption.


The good news is that thanks to POW-WOW, Capgemini can get back to all of its customers and help them valorize their legacy applications dedicated to customer communication.

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The VIRETO technology is timely. In times of crisis, more than ever, it is useful to enhance the value of services rendered to a client (positive impact on retention) while reducing communication costs. Read full testimonial…

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